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Adhesives solutions for durable floors

Adhesives Flooring

It’s all about Adhesives. When it comes to flooring, the choice of adhesive can make all the difference.  

Proudly German-manufactured Wakol Adhesives is the go-to choice for professionals and homeowners alike in the pursuit of flawless, enduring flooring installations. 

 More than adhesives 

 Successful flooring projects are not dependant on adhesives alone, but it also hinges on meticulous subfloor preparation and the incorporation of vital products such as Wakol PU280 Moisture Barrier and Wakol Z680 Levelling Compounds. These elements form the bedrock for robust, visually appealing flooring installations. 

 Fit-for-purpose products 


Wakol stands as a German brand synonymous with quality and reliability in the realm of flooring adhesives. Whether used for engineered flooring, vinyl, LVTs or artificial grass, the choice of Wakol Adhesives delivers an enduring outcome, where excellence converges with innovation. 


Top tip: The majority of Wakol products are EC1 Plus certified, which meet the highest specifications for environmentally friendly products and have quick drying components to save time and money on site.  


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