Address roofing glare the intelligent way

by Zuerita
Address roofing glare the intelligent way

Designed specifically to address glare issues associated with coated metal roofs, BlueScope Steel Southern Africa’s Clean COLORBOND® MATT intelligently reduces specular reflection and minimises disturbing glare.
Clean COLORBOND® MATT (AZ 150) and its ULTRA version (AZ 200) incorporate a new unique performance coating with a gloss unit of nominal 7 +/-3, which drastically reduces the reflection that occurs when light is reflected in a concentrated mirror-like manner, which would normally result in a discomforting glare.

“With continuous improvements in construction technology and material science, the demand for more aesthetically pleasing and unique structures with low specular reflection has increased,” says BlueScope Steel’s regional manager for Africa, Arno Hanekom.

He points out that this innovative product has been extremely well-received by architects in the South African market who recognise the benefits and aesthetic value it adds to their design portfolio.

“Still incorporated into these products is our legendary THERMATECH™ technology, which allows the steel to achieve greater thermal performance with no compromise to quality. So, apart from its low daylight reflectance feature, the product also provides high dirt resistance, chalk resistance and gloss retention. It is able to help the building owner to save energy from costly climate control measures while it mitigates the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect,” Hanekom explains.

Clean COLORBOND® MATT (AZ 150) and Clean COLORBOND® MATT ULTRA (AZ 200), is available in ZINCALUME® steel substrate in six different colours.

“Retaining or renowned durability and reliability, the Clean COLORBOND® MATT steel is not only the more fashionable option, but also the more sensible one,” Hanekom concludes.

BlueScope Steel Southern Africa
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Caption Main image:

The Sanctuary Shopping Centre in Somerset West has a Clean COLORBOND® MATT ULTRA roof in the Latte Matt colour.

Credit: Grant Duncan

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