Adding the “wow” factor to walls

by Tania Wannenburg
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Prominent Paints was established in 1981 and recently celebrated 30 years of manufacturing in South Africa. As a proud member of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), Prominent Paints ensures that its paint is 100% lead-free, complies to and even exceeds the standards set by the GBCSA from an ecological perspective.

Lani Carstens, brand manager at Prominent Paints, says paint finishes exist for different purposes and selecting the right paint or wallpaper is paramount to creating a long-lasting finish that will ooze flair and personality. In addition, it needs to be practical and fit for its intended purpose, so she has outlined what is needed to provide the perfect finish for any application.

Low Sheen Finish – This type of finish is good for concealing imperfections, due to the low light reflection. Prominent Paint Premium Matt and Ultra matt will be ideal for this application especially in high traffic areas or areas where good washability and durability is required.

Eggshell Finish – Traditionally associated with Eggshell Enamel and Polyurethane Enamels but has very similar gloss value compared to Satin / Semi-gloss Finish, it does not mark easily and cleans well. Prominent Paints Premium Eggshell Enamel and Non Drip-Enamel are ideal for interior areas like steel trims, doors, door frames, as well as bathroom and kitchen areas. Use Non Drip-Enamel for that professional painted look on wooden surfaces.

Semi-gloss Finish – Normally associated with durable water based paints. The benefits of this finish are that it provides durable and tough finishes with a pleasing sheen finish. Prominent Paints has an extensive range of products that covers interior and exterior walls, as well as doors, trims, bathrooms and kitchens in a easy water based application.

High Gloss – Normally associated with a paint finish for smooth steel surfaces. This is a spectacular finish in rooms with a flawless base coating. It is normally less expensive than real lacquer and produces the same result. On the downside, it is expensive to execute well as it often requires six or seven layers to achieve an ideal, lacquer-like finish. However, this is ideal for a room that begs for drama and needs to be set apart with distinction, such as a dining room, an entrance hall or a guest bathroom.

Plaster Finishes – Using texture together with products with different sheen levels can be used very effectively on feature walls.

Venetian Plaster – This is a labour-intensive finish and one can apply this on a DIY basis. If used in the right pigments and gloss, it can look modern and sleek. It wears well and the higher gloss finish ensures that dirt wipes off easily.

Special finishes for walls with flair
There is always room for a little extra artistry, be it a colour-wash, aging, sponging or stencilling. Wall decals are another way to dress up any wall and are perfect for transforming bare spaces into classy canvases. Finally, wallpaper is recommended for a focal wall or where there are imperfections that you want to hide. An additional selling point of wallpaper is that they are easily applied and removed.

Tips for top exterior paint finishes

  • Always test and consider colours for exterior walls at various times of the day as outside light changes during the day and can dramatically affect a colour’s appearance.
  • For the trim of an unpainted brick house, choose rich neutrals that complement the tone of the wall material and enhances its natural beauty.
  • For the trim of a house whose exterior is a neutral or rich colour, consider white as it will result in a crisp, fresh look.
  • Don’t paint your house yourself unless you’re experienced – a  professional job is worth the investment and it should last between seven to ten  years, depending on what type of paint is used, and if the correct application methods and preparation were  done on the wall beforehand. Premium-range paint will last seven years and ultra-range paint will last ten years.
  • Lastly, some would agree that when selecting a colour for your house you should consider your neighbouring houses as yours forms part of the overall streetscape.

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