Adding that final touch with skirtings & trims

by Darren
Supreme skirtings and trims Jnl 5 16

Supreme Mouldings offers a wide range of skirtings & trims in colours that are currently trending.

Supreme Moulding’s latest product offering, the Enviroline Slimline skirting, has the ability to add a decorative element to any room, creating a finish with a contemporary touch. They have been designed to ensure ease of installation and as such need only be mitred and fixed to the wall with glue, i.e. no nails are required. As they are also available in six unique colours, they are able to further compliment unique colour trends within the flooring industry.

As an enhancement to the above, Supreme Mouldings also offers Aluminium flooring profiles that can be selected to ensure an exact colour match to their current skirtings and trims.

Due to the fact that Enviroline skirtings and trims are 100% waterproof, they do not swell or delaminate when in contact with moisture, making them ideal for coastal areas with high humidity levels. Supreme Mouldings’ products are flexible, require no painting or staining, and are maintenance free with no colour variation, resulting in beautiful, refined finishes. They also offer a 24-hour local turnaround on deliveries, which means products can be ordered today and received the following day since stock is readily available.

Furthermore, all Enviroline or polymer products manufactured by the company are comprised of 80-100% recycled material, making this specific product one of the “greenest” of its type in South Africa. Supreme Mouldings currently process on average 10 000 cubic metres of waste material every month – material which would have landed up in landfills within our countries’ environment. This equates to two Ellis Park rugby fields stacked one metre high with waste material, an impressive feat indeed.

Supreme Mouldings takes great pride in servicing the country with decorative finishes that perform, are aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

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