Adding creativity to a roof-painting job

by Darren
adding creativity to a roof painting job

Cemcrete is widely known for its specialist decorative range of wall, floor and swimming pool coatings. Taking a closer look at their product range, customers will also find that Cemcrete manufactures high quality coatings and specialised moulding products for roofs, ceilings and more.

The outermost layer of the roof is perhaps the most vital part to keep in pristine condition as it is perpetually exposed to nature’s elements, including harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, hail and general weather abrasion. Cemcrete’s RoofPaint has been adapted to meet these needs by presenting a roof paint that contains mica and silica for maximum film protection against UV light and weather abrasion.

This super-durable coating is available in 16 different colours that include popular slate, terracotta, white, grey and green to suit any design. It is suitable for application on cement, concrete and new or old corrugated iron roofs, providing a top-of-the-range coating that serves as a primary waterproofing system.

Waterproof membrane system
Cemcrete also offers an additional waterproofing aid for your roof, called Roofseal, which provides an exceptionally durable, waterproof membrane system that is easy to apply. It is suitable for use on concrete, bituminous felt, timber, galvanized iron, asbestos cement and foam cement, and is a perfect base for RoofPaint, as it seals the roof and allows the paint to last much longer. 

The Roofseal system, which includes a tightly woven polyester membrane, is so effective that it acts as a binding agent for roof tiles so that weather abrasion does not misplace them. Roofseal can be applied to the entire roof and benefits the longevity of the roof in general, but it can also be applied to specific worrisome areas or can be applied as an alternative to paint, as it is available in six different colours to meet most design requirements.

Creative ceiling designs
If people want to get creative with their ceilings, Cemcrete’s TexCrete is a wonderful option to create just about any design they fancy. TexCrete is a cement-based product that can be used to cast beautiful panels that could then be placed instead of traditional ceiling boards, creating a completely unique look.

Perhaps someone already has a ceiling with a pressed iron pattern, and would like to continue this into the next room. He can simply make a mould of the original 3D panel using Cemcrete’s Mould Rubber and CemForce, and cast as many new panels as he likes from this mould. People can also choose TexCrete light for a more weight-conscience ceiling.

Use TexCrete panels to cover the entire ceiling, or make one or two panels a focal point in the centre of the ceiling. TexCrete can be further enhanced with Cemcrete’s CreteStain acid-based cement or concrete stains to add various colours to the finished product.

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