ADA winners

The winners of the Archiproducts Design Awards (ADA) 2023 were announced recently, bringing together the best of international design and architecture. The ADA are assigned in 13 product categories ranging from furniture to lighting, and from contract to building. 

The eighth edition of the awards aimed to celebrate the synergy between designers and brands, as well as their creativity, innovation and sustainability. Above all, it aims to emphasise the emotional and functional power of a project, which, by means of new materials, shapes or function, is able to revolutionise and improve the quality of life for today and tomorrow. 

ADA winners

A mix and match of matte and glossy finishes creates a unique look with MOU in colour butter.

Brand award 

Even the trophies are a celebration of design. The brand award trophy is a sculpture inspired by the Mobius strip: A metal sheet folded on itself to obtain the shape of the award’s logo. Designed by MUT Design, this object represents the essence of a brand and designer’s synergy – two distinct surfaces that become one. 

The ADA 2023 trophy by De Castelli, with its distinctive DeDarié finish, introduces a soft bronze hue that softens the traditional silver and icy tones of stainless steel. 

ADA winners

MOU in Milk Matte Mix, installed horizontally.


One such winner is MOU, by tile manufacturer 41zero42, which won an ADA in the finishes category. MOU is a ceramic wall covering inspired by the Italian characteristic patterns of the 70s – the result of a careful study of the colours and structure of the material.‎ 

The three-dimensional (3D) collection is depicted by warm glazes that vary from bright to dazzling opaques, allowing it a dynamic and vibrant play of shadows and reflections. It is available in 6,2 x 12,5mm metro-style tiles in a mix of 3D patterns, or in flat tiles with an artisanal effect.‎ 

There are mix-and-match patterns, or matte and glossy finishes. The number of combinations is limitless, so the end results are truly unique. 

ADA winners

MOU in Caramel Matte Mix, installed in a vertical layout.

The full list of ADA winners is available online. 

Outstanding design was celebrated at the Archiproducts Design Awards, including an artisanal tile collection named MOU. 

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