Intersect, a product from Turf, is artful, intersected folded wall tiles, inspired by origami forms, and packed with performance to enliven any surface and quiet any space. This Turf acoustic solution will meet the most intensive sustainability and acoustic standards.

Invite nature with 8 wood-inspired textures

Fully recyclable, red-list-free innovation

It is made from 100% recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) felt, using up to 60% pre-consumer recycled content. The material is constructed in 3mm, 5mm and 9mm polyester (PET) felt. It is declared red-list-free, meaning it contains no harmful chemicals.

Multi-pattern and texture design options

This three-dimensional, folded wall tile can be woven throughout your space while providing high-performance acoustics. Beautiful patterns and textured sound can be created with Intersect. The ultimate building block for specifiers, thanks to its unique origami-inspired shape, can be laid out in various ways – from an overlapping mosaic to tessellating petals. The soft material simply transforms into soft, curved forms. The unique shape allows builders to experiment with a variety of patterns through offsets and repetition.

How, what, where?

The tiles nest against each other in a high-density configuration and can be rotated off-axis in 30-degree increments for additional variety.

Colours and textures galore

Available in more than 30 colours, no repetition is necessary, or you can opt for a uniform appearance

With approximately 30 colours to choose from and several textures from wood-inspired to digital printing on felt, there is virtually no repetition necessary.

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