Acoustic solutions for shopping malls

by Darren
Acoustic solutions for shopping

Fabricmate sound absorption panels are ideal to reduce noise pollution in noisy shopping centres.

People living in urban environments often encounter high sound levels that can cause adverse health effects in the long run. Therefore, Aluglass Bautech offers a range of engineered products to reduce noise pollution in retail centres, hospitality areas, schools, workplaces, recreational spaces and homes.

Health effects of noise pollution
Many people exposed to noise pollution over years face hearing problems. The inability to hear things clearly even from close by can cause temporary deafness, while continuous exposure can lead to complete deafness.

Interestingly, pupil dilation can also be caused by noise pollution, which could lead to a person completely losing his or her eyesight over time.

These negative effects, may also affect one’s mental health. Noise pollution further imposes a sense of panic in a person and may shorten one’s temper. In fact, people living near airports have been observed to be quite impatient. It can also cause a lack of concentration on a certain task and in the long run lead to a lower concentration level.

What’s more, increased blood pressure connected with exposure to noise pollution can lead to side effects such as palpitations, uneasiness and increased heartbeat frequency. There are also chances of a heart attack in the long run.

The solution: Fabricmate absorption panels
Fabricmate absorption panels from Aluglass Bautech can easily be retrofitted in shopping malls, restaurants, play areas and other noisy areas. It complements Aluglass Bautech’s range of acoustic products, which includes partitions and doors finished in wood or glass.

Addressing key interior environment issues such as acoustical surfaces, privacy, speech intelligibility, sound reverberation, general noise reduction and lowering overall wall maintenance cost, Fabricmate absorption panels are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Key product features
Fabricmate’s speed and ease of installation, flexibility and the free-floating design guarantees a fantastic finished product. With noise reduction coefficients (NRCs) ranging from 0,5 to 0,85, it reduces both unwanted noise reflections and echoes. The track system can also custom fit any required space from screen wall to back wall, and contour to any architectural detail.

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