The recently revamped Daimler Truck South Africa corporate headquarters and N1 TruckStore are located adjacent to the N1 highway. To manage the noise disruption, the Saint-Gobain Ceilings Solutions team provided a selection of acoustic solutions for ceilings and walls in both buildings. 

Dropping the dB 

The main driver was acoustic intervention for the respective areas affected by the ambient noise. Commonly referred to as activity-based acoustic design, the activity planned for a specific area determines the degree of acoustic treatment required in the ceiling systems for that area. Both sound insulation and fire resistance were key for the walling systems. 


Perforated gypsum boards absorb and defuse sound, creating a more comfortable space for collaboration. Image credit: Chris Jansen

Saint-Gobain supplied a variety of products to satisfy these requirements, including: 

  • Perforated gypsum boards to absorb and defuse sound. 
  • Ecophon SoloTM free-hanging, square-shaped sound absorber panels. 
  • Drywall solutions that provide acoustic insulation. 
  • Flush plaster ceilings in quieter areas. 

Key benefits 

The products supplied for this project were selected for the acoustic rating and certified performance criteria for the main issue of reducing internal noise levels. Keeping the buildings safe, the solutions are also fire resistant and/or non-combustible. The products and solutions supplied comply with the sustainability goals of Daimler Truck, which was important. 


Activity-based acoustic design determined the placement of different product solutions within the Daimler Truck South Africa corporate headquarters. Image credit: Graeme Wyllie

Maintenance and warranty key 

Adding further value, the Saint-Gobain Ceilings Solutions team recommended products that are easy to clean, and which offer a warranty.  

A comprehensive offering of ceiling and wall solutions was supplied to ensure optimal acoustic performance and fire safety for Daimler Truck South Africa’s corporate headquarters and N1 TruckStore. 


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