Acoustic solution: Allen & Overy offices

by Tania Wannenburg
Acoustic solution allen

A combination of Aluglass Bautech’s acoustic solutions was specified to create an optimal acoustic solution for Allen & Overy’s offices in Sandton.

To manage sound and achieve optimal acoustics in the Allen & Overy offices in Sandton, a clever combination of Aluglass Bautech’s products was specified.

Allen & Overy required many quiet office spaces as well as meeting rooms for confidential one-on-one consultations, as well as business meetings with bigger groups.

GF Serene for quiet spaces
Altogether 74 GF Serene 45dB acoustic glass partitions were installed to create discreet offices, various sized meeting rooms, project rooms, a quiet print room and more. The glass allows light into these spaces and although closed off from the outside, one does not feel boxed in.

GF Serene is an ideal acoustic, re-mountable partition system for creating unobtrusive office spaces within open-plan applications. With modular glass elements and flexible frame components, the system is quick and easy to install, remove and re-install.

Varikust acoustic doors
The spaces created by the GF Serene glass partitions were completed with Varikust VK62 45dB acoustic doors. Additionally some 23 Varikust doors with a white oak-stained finish were put in throughout the Allen & Overy office building. The VK62 doors are easy to operate and have an effective sealing mechanism.

Variflex mobile partitioning
To allow flexibility in meeting and conference rooms, three Variflex mobile acoustic partitions were fitted.

The partitions’ individual elements can be parked away neatly to open up an area when needed, or the partition wall can be set up to create two or more smaller areas where meetings can be held concurrently without disturbing one another. This system has no floor track, which allows for an uninterrupted floor finish.

Varifold folding door
Finally, a Varifold wooden folding door, finished in stained white oak, was installed in the coat and luggage room, where acoustics are not important. Varifold doors are useful space savers and similar to the Variflex mobile partitioning, they have no floor track, which allows for an uninterrupted floor finish.

This combination of Aluglass Bautech’s acoustic solutions enabled the project team to create an acoustically sound office interior for Allen & Overy.

Project summary
Project: Allen & Overy offices
Project coordinator: GVK-Siya Zama
Products specified:
–    74 GF Serene 45dB acoustic glass partitions complete with Varikust acoustic doors.
–    23 Varikust VK62 45dB acoustic doors with a white oak-stained finish.
–    3 Variflex VX110 51dB mobile acoustic partitions.
–    1 Varifold wooden folding door finished in stained white oak.

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