Main image: Acoustic models include furniture, planters, wall panels and decorative art.

Anyone who has sat in a noisy restaurant or office will attest to how disruptive noise can be. With some saying as many as 70% of patrons will not revisit a restaurant due to noise, an acoustic solution is clearly needed. ECOcero, who exhibited its ECOpanel, an ecological acoustic panel made from recycled plastic bottles, at Cevisama, may have the answer.

The innovative sound-absorbing panel is made of 100% polyester fibres with excellent acoustic performance. It is a highly versatile product that can be manufactured in the shape, dimensions and colours required by each project. The company claims that 75 recycled bottles are the equivalent of 1m² of ECOpanel, making this a sustainable choice.



  • Designed with open-plan spaces in mind.
  • Optimise space yet still allow for collaboration between staff members.
  • Minimise distractions or messages getting lost in the open environment.
  • Reduces any type of sound and achieves professional insulation.

Acoustic paintings

  • For areas where the aesthetics are key.
  • Different models available in a variety of painted and canvas finishes.
  • Consists of acoustic fabric fitted into an aluminium frame with sound-absorbing material.
  • Decorative acoustic paintings can be customised with any image desired by the customer.
  • Absorption features for medium and high frequencies.
  • Improves the acoustics while fully integrating the panels into any décor.


  • Quick and easy to install, with no building work required.
  • Installation can be achieved by gluing them to the ceiling and/or walls, or by having them suspended.
  • The company has also manufactured furniture, panels and paintings that can be used with other ECOcero models.
  • Well suited to provide a sound solution for offices, restaurants, call centres, coworking spaces, hotels and many other premises that need to improve their interior acoustics.

Issue: Soundproofing that is sustainable, attractive and effective.
Solution: ECOcero panels are made from recycled plastic bottles and are available in a range of models.

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