The Flooring Connection provides innovative flooring systems that solve the problem of impact and airborne sound transmission.

The Flooring Connection, in association with Van Dyck and the Instafloor group in the UK, is able to provide innovative high performance flooring systems that solve the problem of impact and airborne sound transmission through timber and concrete floors.

An acoustic floor consists of a surface layer resting on a resilient acoustic underlay/cradle which isolates it from the base floor and the surrounding walls. These acoustic systems champion lower energy consumption, greater recycling and the development of more environmentally friendly products and processes, which all help to save money and reduce the carbon footprint. All the timber used in the flooring systems is from sustainable sources and the acoustic rubber products are manufactured from recycled tyres.

These high performance products provide specifiers and developers with comprehensive solutions for effective sound insulation on new build, conversion and refurbishment projects. Their patented acoustic solutions also comply with and exceed the latest international building regulations and ensure extremely high standards of acoustic control against the transmission of impact and airborne sound.

The acoustic flooring systems by The Flooring Connection are available to the market in two forms. The acoustic underlays are available in a 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm and 6.5 mm thickness and come in the ecolay format as well as the instalay format (peel and stick, low and high grab). The various thicknesses enable the installation of LVT, carpet tiles, ceramic tiles, laminates, engineered flooring and solid flooring installations. Irrespective of what floor covering is placed on top of the acoustic underlays, there will be a minimum impact of 17 dB up to 23 dB in noise reduction. The acoustic cradle system has a minimum of 28 dB. impact noise reduction allows for a quick, cost effective and easy levelling installation.

The system has numerous advantages including cavity spaces for services to run in and specified access points. The cradle enables the installation of sports floors to sports specific specifications. The Flooring Connection offers a complete design and installation package for situations requiring a combination of acoustic flooring with underfloor heating systems. This ensures efficient installation and avoids delays to the overall project schedule.

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