Acoustic flooring

Acoustic wellbeing and sustainability have become part of the primary requirements for modern buildings.  

Today’s soundproofing sector can offer cutting-edge solutions for performance and increased attention on mitigating its impact on the environment. 

Solutions portfolio 

Mapei’s portfolio includes a range of complete systems for soundproofing floors against impact noise, which may be employed in both new buildings and in existing buildings undergoing renovations. 

  • The MAPESILENT system by Mapei is ideal for new builds, creating high-performance, soundproofing floating screeds in the highest acoustic efficiency classes. 
  • MAPESONIC CR, a compact uncoupling and anti-fracture soundproofing membrane for existing buildings undergoing renovation, is ideal for improving the level of acoustic wellbeing without affecting the height of the floor. MAPESONIC CR may be used for installing bonded, floating and removable flooring, and with heating systems with low thermal inertia. 

Mapei systems can be completed with a full range of complementary products such as perimeter strips, adhesive bands and tapes, for commercial and residential application. These products are essential to guarantee maximum performance against airborne and impact noise. 


Issue: Acoustic flooring solutions. 

Solution: Mapei’s portfolio offers performance and sustainability benefits. 


For more information, contact Mapei: 

Tel: +27 11 552 8476 



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