Comfort living is to control indoor comfort using ceiling insulation, cavity wall insulation and various other methods that have proven to reduce electricity consumption and increase indoor comfort levels.

Energy-efficient building methods to increase comfort

New building legislation (SANS 10400 XA) that has been in place since 2011, allows for more energy-efficient building methods to reduce energy usage and increase indoor comfort levels. Recently the application of the National Building Regulations SANS 10400-XA: 2021 Ed 2 Energy usage in buildings, was updated and published.

Swartland offers a complete range of products to help achieve superior levels of comfort:

  • XPS BOARD ceiling, underfloor and cavity wall insulation.
  • Knauf ceilings roll roof insulation.
  • Thermal seals on all wood and aluminium windows and doors.
  • Double-glazed windows and low-e glass.
  • Foam-filled garage doors.

Summit XPS Insulation Board

As a leader in their field, Swartland keeps up to date with the latest technology to provide the best possible product. Summit XPS is made from extruded polystyrene foam board that provides effective thermal insulation.

It can be used for a wide variety of applications, including as nail-up ceiling and insulation, also as ceilinged insulation between trusses for an exposed truss look, over-rafter insulation, over-purlin insulation, cavity/perimeter wall insulation and under-floor (surface bed) insulation.

Aside from meeting insulation regulations, Summit XPS is also accredited by Fire Rating and TIPSASA.

Benefits of thermal insulation

  • Thermal insulation helps regulate the temperature.
  • It lowers humidity and reduces mould allergies.
  • It saves you money.
  • It is better for the environment, as it is more energy-efficient.

Ensure comfortable conditions

Make your building more energy-efficient and comfortable by fitting insulated ceiling boards. Keep the temperature stable by fitting eco-friendly insulated ceiling boards from Summit XPS. They are easy to install, feature closed-cell thermal insulation technology and can be decorated with any water-based paint.

For more information, contact Swartland:
Tel: +27 861 223 444

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