Achieving aesthetic continuity, practicality & sustainability

by Darren
Dekton aesthetic project Cajamar Group Jnl 4 16

Dekton’s colour option, Danae, fulfilled several key requirements for this customised project.

In order to achieve aesthetic continuity at the new Cajamar Group Building in Almeria, International Architects – Arapiles Arquitectos Asociados 15, S.L.P, turned to Dekton’s colour Danae. This specific colour has been used in a discreet and elegant way up to – and into – the building itself, and covers all external areas that the public has access to.

A colour with a Solar Reflectance Index of SRI> 78 was necessary, and therefore had to be very light in order to avoid a “heat island” effect. Inspired by Roman travertine, Dekton, in the colour Danae, with its creamy colour and matt finish suggesting a classic warmth, was perfectly suited to the building’s technical requirements.

The idea of using this colour for the inside of the building as well, lent itself to the decision of differentiating areas with higher traffic from those with less traffic. Visually, the material enters the building via the flooring, from the exterior to the indoor lobbies – including the stairwells, affording a combination of warmth and uniformity of design.

The large size of the Dekton slabs creates an image of high quality and brightness in the areas paved with this material. From a functional point of view with regards to its properties, its hardness and the fact that it is hard-wearing in areas of continuous foot traffic, make it a perfect product for spaces that are used intensively. In addition, its easy daily maintenance is an added advantage for buildings with high levels of activity.

This product has been used for the indoor office stairwells specifically as they do not receive much daylight. The light, creamy colour of Dekton Danae avoids these spaces being engulfed in darkness, affording good visibility from step-to-step as well as staircase-to-staircase.

Stairs form part of the continuation of the flooring of the building and receive a high number of footsteps every day. It is an ideal surface for high traffic areas and is hard-wearing thanks to its high resistance to abrasion, its hardness and strength.

Another advantage, and one that has been most valued for this project, is the fact that the steps can be manufactured in one piece without necessitating joints between them. The end result was a beautiful finish that fulfilled all the requirements as specified, both in terms of aesthetics and functional performance.

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