ABC’s for comparing aluminium systems

by Zuerita
ABC’s for comparing aluminium systems

Long after the contractors have moved off site and the building is complete, the windows and doors remain the most used part. Like “eyes are the windows to the soul”, windows and doors connect the inside of a building with the outside world.

This is why sufficient attention should be given to the specification of high-quality windows and doors during the architectural design phase.

Aluminium systems are not only durable and robust, but also stand up well against the elements. Available in various shapes and powder-coated colours, they offer design flexibility and aesthetic appeal while the strength of aluminium frames allows for larger openings, using slim and modern lines. Aluminium is furthermore low maintenance and can be recycled.

Aluminium doors and windows enhance the use of natural light and ventilation in a building


Tips for comparing aluminium systems
A. Understand the process
There are three key processes to pass through before a product appears as a beautiful sliding door or window in a building:
1. Selection and specification of products which are fit for purpose.
2. The manufacturing process and assembly of the metal, glass and hardware components required for the product.
3. The installation of the product into the building aperture.
These processes are often executed by different parties; therefore it is critical to follow a process that assures a high-quality end-product experience.

B. Choose the correct product
Look for aluminium systems with these design and performance qualities:
• Innovative, uncomplicated product design.
• Durable, efficient systems intended for the local environment.
• Modern fabrication processes.
• A range of modern powder-coated colours.
• Flexible solutions that enhance the use of natural light and ventilation.
• High-quality, extensively tested components and accessories.
• Secure and reliable locking mechanisms.
• Simple and affordable maintenance requirements.
• A network of well-trained accredited fabricators and installers.

Available in various shapes and powder-coated colours, aluminium doors and windows offer design flexibility and aesthetic appeal.


C. Enquire about quality assurance processes
The majority of customer complaints related to windows and doors are traced back to specification and installation. Therefore it is critical that the aluminium systems provider has a quality assurance process in place to make sure that what a customer sees and experiences in a showroom, brochure, video, website or even another project, matches the experience they get in a subsequent installation.

There are a large number of variables that can affect the quality of the final installation, so steps should be taken to mitigate the risks and ensure communication between all parties.

Ideally the aluminium systems company’s quality assurance system should assist and hold each stakeholder accountable for their role in the process of ensuring that the windows and doors in a building project complement and enhance the quality of the overall building project.

With this in mind, architects have the unique position of influencing smart design concepts to clients, which they can enjoy for years to come.

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Caption main image: Doors and windows are the most interactive part of a building.

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