Starlite® is manufactured in South Africa and has been successfully applied in commercial and industrial roof and side-cladding insulation applications since 2004.

Reasons why Starlite® is so popular

Its massive popularity among developers, professionals and contractors alike is due to a few key contributing factors:

  • Starlite® is a very effective thermal and acoustic insulating material, with a thermal conductivity (K-value) of 0,039 W/m.K and a noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) value of 0,65 at 50mm thickness.
  • Starlite® was the first commercially available roof insulation material in South Africa to achieve an A1 fire rating, according to the SANS 10177-11 fire-testing protocol as part of the National Building Regulations. This ensures absolute peace of mind for property owners and their insurance underwriters that their buildings are fully compliant from a fire risk point of view.
  • Starlite® offers brilliant performance-to-cost ratios compared to other insulation material available on the market and is therefore very affordable.
  • Starlite® is very easily installed in conjunction with the sheeting and cladding and offers excellent aesthetic appeal.

Eco-friendly “green” roof insulation material

Starlite® is one of the most eco-friendly products available. It consists of a lightweight fibreglass insulating blanket, combined with a scrim-reinforced aluminium foil or white foil laminate facing for over-purlin applications. The fibreglass is produced from molten glass, which is made from natural raw materials such as sand, limestone and soda ash, and the formulation also includes up to 80% post-consumer recycled glass.

Starlite® is easy to install with the sheeting and cladding and offers excellent aesthetic appeal.

The raw materials are mixed and melted in an enclosed furnace, using a 100% electric melting process. This ensures the complete absence of particulate emissions and exhaust gas fumes for a pollution-free production operation.

Bonded non-toxic insulation material

The molten glass is spun into thousands of fibres, bonded together with an inert binder and then heat-cured to produce a resilient, non-toxic blanket. Starlite® production does not produce any blowing agents, is CFC-free and does not affect the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer, ensuring it has zero ozone depleting potential (ODP).

The aluminium foil/white laminate is glued to the fibreglass base, using a specially produced water-based adhesive, ensuring no solvent fumes are released.

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