A world of choice

by Tania Wannenburg

A prominent flooring organisation has rebranded itself to cover its entire market portfolio regardless of which market sector is being served.

In order to consolidate their commercial, carpet, artificial turf and vinyl brands under a single umbrella brand, Belgotex Floorcoverings have rebranded themselves as Belgotex Floors. The pay-off line, “A World of Choice”, represents the diverse selection of flooring products offered by the company.

The rebrand to Belgotex Floors unites the various product categories under a single brand name, while simultaneously referring to the scope of flooring solutions. The new brand name replaces the Belgotex Commercial (formerly Nexus), Belgotex Carpets, Belgotex Vinyl and DuraTurf brands, with all products becoming ranges of Belgotex Floors.

“Belgotex Floors encompasses our entire product portfolio no matter which market segment we’re servicing,” says Frank Moffat, Chief Executive of Belgotex Floorcoverings South Africa. “It simplifies the marketing message and also capitalises on the brand loyalty and brand awareness of Belgotex developed over the past 30 years.”

Over the years, Belgotex has established a reputation for quality and service, resulting in organic growth and diversification beyond just carpet production. Since its inception in 1984, the operation has expanded to offer five types of flooring including carpeting, vinyl, artificial grass, underlays and rubber, with an extensive product range that covers any surface imaginable.

“We really do offer a ‘World of Choice’,” highlights Frank Moffat, CEO at Belgotex. “There’s a significant cross-over between markets and products and over the years we’ve seen customers specify commercial ranges in residential areas, specialist vinyls used outside of labs or hospitals, and sports surfaces fitted in, and ON, corporate offices! We’ve always tried to cater to those needs and develop products or ranges accordingly.”

Frank concludes by stating that Belgotex Floors enables the organisation to service all those applications without pigeon-holing products and gives them scope for growth.

The excitement around this rebrand will be supported by extensive advertising and publicity campaigns targeted across trade and consumer channels, including a new TV commercial, print, social media and online marketing.

For more information: 033 897 7500 / 021 763 6900 / 011 380 9300 / www.belgotexfloors.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/belgotex
Twitter: @belgotex

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