village roof

In the small village of Guisande, on the beautiful wild coast known as the Costa de la Muerte (La Coruña, Galicia, Spain), Galician architect, Rodrigo Currás Torres has built a detached villa that stands out for its curved roof. It is clad in extruded stoneware pavers by Gres Aragón, in a way that conjures up the impression of village rooftops. 


The villa is divided into different overlapping volumes that link up the interiors and the home’s different uses. This fragmented design includes a prism-like main volume, with a perforated rectangular ground floor, flanked by courtyards that let the sunlight in. 

These juxtaposed volumes combine to form an ensemble unified by its ceramic rooftop, where the tiled roof traces differing curved shapes, echoing the curved ceilings inside the volumes. 

Its interiors continue the notion of juxtaposed settings, so that the day-time part of the villa, which is the living spaces and areas for relaxing, lead through to the more private night-time areas, which are the bedrooms. 

village roof

A villa in Guisande, Spain, features a roof designed to resemble the rooftops of a small village.

Villa as village 

The single-pitch roofs are designed to bring to mind the traditional rooftops of a small village. A natural clay material was chosen to achieve this, with the colour and laid pattern conjuring up the distinctive look. 

The Galician architect chose tiles known as “tijoleiras” in the local language: Emblematic 20 x 20cm square paving tiles by Gres Aragón that follow the curves of the roof, blending in with the landscape. The natural-coloured ceramic pavers unify the different volumes, evoking the essence and origins of the local backdrop. 

Clay pavers 

The chosen stoneware is from the Natural collection – a timeless, simple, traditional extruded model. While standing out for their high resistance and lasting beauty, the pavers are still very much up to the minute. As the name of the collection indicates, the appearance of the pavers reflects the colour of the clays used to make them. 

Ceramic screens 

village roof

The villa stands out for its ceramic-clad curved roof and ceramic screens.

Creating transitions between its interiors and exteriors, the villa also stands out for its ceramic screens, used to close off private areas. These ceramic screens, courtyards and angled views help to ensure privacy, while also filtering the light and contributing to different uses. 

Project details 

Type: Detached villa. 

Location: Guisande, La Coruña, Spain. 

Architects’ studio: Rodrigo Currás Torres. 

Product: Gres Aragón. 20 x 20cm pavers from the Natural series.  

Material: Extruded clay. 

Photos: Héctor Santos-Díez. 


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