Residence W is designed by fws_work to bring a sense of tranquillity to a home overlooking the city of Qinpu, known for its fast development and transportation hub. The owner is an airline pilot, spending most of his time constantly travelling between different countries with short stays, so he required a haven to provide relaxation when at home.

Tactile material choices

Fws_work designs with tactile materials, such as plaster and oak wood, as the essential backdrop, accompanied by woven cane, ribbed glass, encaustic ceramic tiles and linen furnishings to form a sensory warmth. Refined craftsmanship is revealed through consistent millwork details throughout the project. The selective material palette and joinery details evoke the client’s memories of a country home from his childhood, as well as Mediterranean retreats experienced during his travels.

Spacious and open plan

Fws_work combined the entry, kitchen, reading, dining and living areas in a light-filled, open-plan space to enhance spaciousness and flexibility, while focusing on creating intuitive circulation, based on the client’s routines. The intuitive circulation is defined by freestanding fixtures, such as the half-height divider connecting to the reading desk and the extended kitchen counter.

The existing heavy structural beam is clad with oak wood panels to visually separate the laid-back living and dining area from the function-driven reading and kitchen space and softens the visual heaviness of the structural beam.

Classy and spontaneous

Contrasting with the laid-back feeling of the overall neutral palette, the black stained wood millwork, encaustic ceramic wall tiles, leather handles and stoned countertop shape the moody kitchen and extended bar counter. The darkness of the kitchen and bar counter fosters a pure state of immersion, allowing the client to explore his passion for cooking and whisky tasting. The warm shelf lighting penetrates through the rattan cabinet door, accompanied by rear reflections of glasses and tableware that enrich the backdrop of dining moments.

Privacy, acoustics and a sense of depth and dimension

Connecting the open area with bedrooms and a multi-functional room, the transitional hallway is wrapped with oak wood panels and plaster walls. The partial partition wall was replaced by layers of woven cane panels and ribbed glass to draw sunlight into the hallway, while providing privacy and sound insulation for the room. Aligned joinery from walls to the ceiling creates depth and dimension when the light shines. The circular wall light on the end echoes the circular mirror in the entry and balances with the straight-lined design language throughout the house.

In addition to the neutral palette consistent with the open area, the deep teal colour blurs the boundary between the upper wall and the ceiling, bringing a sense of serenity into the bedroom for rest after a long day.

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Photo credit: Suiyu Studio

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