stone flooring

Quartz Carpet® is a peerless luminary in the realm of flooring. This unique, imported seamless quartz flooring system is fashioned from glacial stone, celebrated for its robustness. It hails from a heritage that traces its roots to Belgium almost four decades ago but found its true calling in South Africa from 2003.  

Today, it reigns supreme as the uncontested global authority in seamless quartz flooring systems, gracing floors across 60 countries and five continents.  

Extraordinary strength yet sensual underfoot  

The enduring charm of Quartz Carpet is its intrinsic elegance and timeless aesthetic allure. Shaped over eons as they tumbled across glacial alluvial fans, the quartz stones present a deeply satisfying tactile experience underfoot.  

stone flooring

Quartz stones exhibit extraordinary strength, boasting an impressive 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale – only two notches below the legendary diamond. 

 When treading upon Quartz Carpet, it’s not merely walking on a floor – it’s embarking on a journey that intertwines time, nature and elegance while embracing sustainability and practicality in living spaces. 

Practical beauty 

The resins employed in this flooring system are solvent-free, 100% ultraviolet (UV) stable, colourfast and free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thus epitomising environmental responsibility and sustainability. Mixed and laid on site, these flooring systems are ready for use within just 24 hours of application, ensuring minimal disruption. 

Quality assured 

The brand holds a steadfast principle: Quartz Carpet is not provided to unlicenced or untrained installers, which is safeguarding the integrity of every installation. The rigorously trained and licenced applicators, strategically stationed in major centres across South Africa, Africa and the Indian Ocean islands, demonstrate unwavering dedication to ensuring quick, immaculate and hassle-free installations, even in the dynamic environment of construction sites. 

Merging the flooring trends of heritage and technology, Quartz Carpet flooring systems deliver both timeless beauty and functionality. 

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