tape for all seasons

Step into the future of sealing and waterproofing with Nutape, the trusted, authorised distributor of Butyl Tape Products by Butyl Technology. The company is thrilled to introduce the cutting-edge Vala Solutions Proactive Tape, a game-changer for tackling leaky roofs with unparalleled efficacy. 


  • Butyl tape features a flexible, rubber-like polyisobutylene (PIB) composition designed to mould perfectly to uneven surfaces, providing an exceptional adhesive and sealing solution. 
  • It is suitable for a spectrum of applications – from metal to wood, glass, concrete and plastic.  
  • It offers an immediate and robust barrier against water, moisture and air infiltration by creating watertight seals for joints, seams and gaps in construction projects.  
  • Convenient peel-and-stick rolls simplify application, eliminating the need for specialised equipment and allowing for a seamless, hand-pressed bond. 


tape for all seasons

Butyl tape is built to withstand the test of time, maintaining its flexibility and sealing prowess in extreme temperatures and against ultraviolet (UV) exposure. This versatility makes it an indispensable resource across multiple industries. Unlock the full potential of Nutape’s reliable, high-performance sealing solutions.  


Issue: Leaky roofs that need a quick, effective solution. 

Solution: Cutting edge Tape offers an immediate and robust barrier against water, moisture and air infiltration with peel-and-stick application…


For more information, contact Nutape: 

Johannesburg: +27 11 422 1538  

Cape Town: +27 78 034 3767 

Email: info@nutape.co.za 

Website: www.nutape.co.za 

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