A systems approach to flooring

by Tania Wannenburg
iTe Systems approach Jnl 2 16

Underfloor systems need a systems approach.

Historically, the South African flooring industry has used various products to make up a workable under-floor system. These preparation and application products typically were sourced from different suppliers who individually had a best in class product. The frequently experienced problem was that these independently sourced products would not necessarily be completely compatible with one another, and if a failure occurred, it would be difficult to pinpoint responsibility.

The products that make up a complete system would include a moisture barrier to address excess moisture in the substrate, a rapid setting patching compound to fix holes in screeds, fast drying screed primers and binding agents, self-levelling compounds to provide flat, smooth and level substrates and the relative adhesive to bind the flooring to the levelled screed.

In order to provide a world class system incorporating the best products for each component, and issue warranties covering the performance of these, iTe PRODUCTS has worked very closely with the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist ingredients to market the best possible combination of products to cover all these aspects.

Each component comprising the system has been developed to achieve best in class performance, and in addition the latest technological advances has been used to ensure that all aspects, including solventless volatiles, user-friendly application techniques, healthier and environmentally friendly products, have been developed.

The system comprises VAPORiTe moisture and vapour barrier, PATCHiTe fast setting patching compound, BONDiTe primer for LEVELiTe, LEVELiTe F10, F30, F50 and F100 self-levelling compounds, and GRIPiTe V10, V30 and V50 VOC free adhesives.

The focus is on ensuring that the applicator is given products that have superior performance combined with user-friendly application methodologies. Accordingly to the company, the GRIPiTe V10 access flooring carpeting PSA flashes off in a fraction of the time, thereby improving productivity. GRIPiTe V30 has a long working time, with no skin formation in order to improve the installers’ ease of installation; and V50 LVT adhesive offers extended working times and world class performance.

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