A system to keep your floors in good condition with ease

by Madelein
A system to keep your floors in good condition with ease

The Qwikshine Diamond Floor Pad system available from Diamond Products is designed for cleaning, polishing and conditioning (improve/maintain) vinyl, marble and polished concrete stone floors. It requires no chemicals, the pads are washable and reusable and will lead to an improved appearance of your floors.

For floorcare and maintenance projects, Diamond Products favours the use of five pads, which consist of diamond grits from 400 – 3000+, with the higher diamond grit ratio being used for buffing projects. The products for this system are intended to be used with conventional rotary or scrubber dryer floor equipment.

The process
The Qwikshine pads marked number 1 and number 2 have a 400 and 800 diamond grit respectively and are recommended for heavy duty cleaning. These pads typically remove grit and grime from a floor.

The Qwikshine pads marked number 3 and number 4 have 1500 and 3000 diamond grits. These pads are used to enhance the shine of the floor after the first pads have been used. Next, the number 5 Qwikshine pad is used to buff the floor. If the floor is in a good condition, or has simply become dull, use the number 5 pad to clean and maintain the floor.

For more information, contact Diamond Products on +27 (11) 552 8310 or via www.diamondpc.co.za.

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