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The EGGER Premium Selection inspires new ideas and brings its design competence and sense of trends that is popular in living as well as working environments. It offers customers specially coordinated decor and product packages.

The combination of colours, materials and surfaces creates style and individuality. It is ideal for open spaces and flowing transitions when living and working in the same area. “All the design freedom and coordinated fixed points bring the desired visual harmony,” says Klaus Monhoff, Head of Design & Decor Management at the EGGER Group.

Pure Solids authentic decors

Pure Solids contains ten authentic decors, with the range comprising five different plank formats – long, classic, medium, large and king-size – to suit every room size.

Creative Functions has three overarching flooring style concepts. The Bedollo Walnut theme includes 4 colour-coordinated decors in the Laminate, Comfort and Design Flooring GreenTec product categories.

The Berdal Marble theme combines classic oak with white marble. The product range is complemented by natural oak decors from the EGGER PRO Flooring Collection 2021+, which is available as Laminate, Comfort and Design Flooring GreenTec.

Interior and Décor Match

In Interior Match, a distinction is made between the same decor solutions and those which are colour-coordinated. In Decor Match, floors, as well as furniture and interior design products, are available in the same decor with different surface textures.

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