A special solution for common challenges

by Zuerita
A special solution for common challenges

Whether the need is for flexible space utilisation, managing acoustics, solar control or glass that doesn’t compromise thermal comfort, Aluglass Bautech has custom designs, quality materials and technical skills to suit.
Acoustics (commercial and residential)
From doors and automated partitions in glass or wood, to absorption panels, architects and designers have plenty of quality choices.

•    Variflex mobile acoustic partitions
Permit flexible room layouts in meeting venues, conference centres, boardrooms, hotels, training centres and halls. Adjacent meetings can be held in complete privacy and the partitions can easily be moved on an overhead track and positioned to one side.

•    Moveo motorised acoustic partitions
Available with either opaque or transparent glass elements, these movable, sound-insulating, partitioning systems, a Dorma Hüppe product that allows room sizes to be modified with ease, flexibility and speed. Floor plans become multifunctional and more spatially efficient.

•    Varikust acoustic doors
Multi-rebated doors with a handle-activated sealing mechanism between the bottom of the door leaf and the threshold, these single and double sound insulation doors range from 30dB to 52dB. The Varikust 105F range is an acoustic fire door with a 48dB or 51dB STC acoustic insulation rating and is the biggest class D fire door tested in South Africa.

•    GF Serene
The ideal acoustic, re-mountable partition system to create quiet office spaces within open-plan applications, GF Serene is quick and easy to install, remove and re-install with modular glass elements and flexible frame components.

•    Absorption panels
Reverberated sound is a particular problem in large buildings with high ceilings and lots of people. Acoustical panels and baffles can successfully improve the acoustics in such buildings, as well as in home theatres and open-plan residences.

Pergola awnings providing optimal sun control at Sun City.

Technical sun control
There are few things as uplifting as sunlight. But, by its nature, the light and heat it gives off may need to be controlled for that perfect ambience. Aluglass Bautech’s range of internal and external sun-control products, specifically blinds and awnings are not only aesthetic and fashionable but also innovative and green. Easily motorised, automated and even integrated into a central system.

Specialised glass
Glass offers elegance, privacy, insulation and noise solutions without blocking out natural light. Aluglass Bautech’s Glassflex specialised glass solutions include products for hotels, conference facilities, open-plan offices, upmarket homes and shopping centres.

The range includes:
•    Glazed facades.
•    Canopy glass.
•    Sliding folding doors (top-hung and fold-away).
•    Frameless glass doors.
•    Flush-glazed curtain walls.
•    Acoustic glazing.
•    Shower doors.
•    Glass bricks.

Aluglass Bautech glazing products conform to prescribed safety standards and manufacturing specifications, proudly associated with AAAMSA, SAGGA and SASEMA.

Aluglass Bautech (Pty) Limited
Tel: 011 451 8400
Email: mailbox@aluglass.co.za
Website: www.aluglass.co.za

Caption Main Picture: Canopy glazing and stackable, sliding, folding doors at Nelson Mandela Square.

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