Take note of the following checklist for a reputable contractor to do your concrete retaining block (CRB) block wall installation and the materials utilised on site:

  • All materials intended to be utilised in the construction of the wall are to be submitted to the engineer for approval, prior to utilisation.
  • DPC density test results to be recorded and approved.
  • Placed on-site concrete to be strict to specification.
  • Location plan for testing sites to be provided.
  • Notify engineer of tests to be conducted for oversight, where required.
  • Ensure that CRBs  on site are the specified strength and size
  • Follow the installation instructions provided by Terraforce. 
  • If specified, submit sample and spec-sheet of geogrid/geofabric.
  • Install geogrid/geofabric to protrude slightly beyond the blocks for inspection, to be trimmed off after final structural inspection.
  • Setting out of foundation and profile of the wall preferably to be undertaken in the presence of the client or his engineer.
  • Proposed wall position to be clearly marked and confirmed in writing, with a photo record to avoid unnecessary disputes.
  • Always ensure that the supplier of your Terraforce blocks is reputable and a licenced manufacturer, able and willing to provide adequate design back-up, or who can refer you to a qualified engineer.
Terrasafe noise barrier alongside highway under construction
The same Terrasafe noise barrier 3 years later hardly visible

For more information, contact Terraforce:
Tel: +27 21 465 1907
Website: https://www.terraforce.com/

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