A perfect plaster finish

by Tania Wannenburg
A perfect plaster finish PELICAN

Pelican Systems has added a new, locally manufactured skimming plaster to its range of products.

After researching plasters for a number of years, Pelican Systems has now included a new, locally manufactured skimming plaster under its JUMBO brand to ensure flawless finishes. Growing the range of Pelican products, this addition follows the introduction of a jointing plaster two years ago.

JUMBO Skimming Plaster is a superior quality, interior finishing gypsum plaster powder, packaged in a 25kg bag – a size that was specifically chosen for easier handling on site and less wastage.

The product is mixed straight from the bag with clean water for reliable consistency. JUMBO Skimming Plaster ensures a stronger and superior surface, which in turn will safeguard maximum longevity of coatings and paint on walls and ceilings. The plaster can be applied by hand or through a projection plaster machine.

Feedback: Compliment
Using JUMBO Skimming Plaster in a projection plastering project, Chris Kühn from ACS congratulated Pelican Systems on the product.

“The skimming area is approximately 12 500m², and we are using projection plaster machines to mix and apply your product to the building’s walls and ceilings. The smaller 25kg bag makes for much easier onsite handling and we find less product waste. The product works very well with the projection plaster machines and seems to behave very similar to specialised projection plaster products.”

“With JUMBO Skimming Plaster we have had no curing inconsistencies and no machine problems. The product has an excellent work time and does not need to be locked. This gives the artisans a greater amount of time to concentrate on finishing or to do more square metres per day.”

“It seems that the very white finish of the product decreases paint volumes when painting white ceilings, but we will have a more accurate calculation at the end of the project.”

“Well done with a good product.”

Worth trying
According to Denise Gould, General Manager at Pelican Systems, plasterers usually build up their skill and get really good at mixing and working with the product they know best. Therefore, changing from one plaster product to another may require a few adjustments in preparation and application.

“We are convinced that JUMBO Skimming Plaster will be well worth the effort needed to adjust and get used to the slight difference in workability and drying time,” she says. “Productivity is increased and labour input time is reduced thanks to the excellent workability, and the finish is perfect and brilliantly white.”

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