A passion for learning

by Darren
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Discover some of the key characteristics needed to excel within the sales and marketing divisions of the flooring industry.

As Sales Director of the KwaZulu-Natal branch of Technical Finishes, Yvette Watters is responsible for driving sales and achieving budgets while looking after not only the bottom line but also clients, and finding solutions for various projects.

“Women add passion and flair to the flooring industry, taking risks and introducing new colours and ideas to a specific client,” she notes. “Women also pay close attention to detail, which will enhance the floor’s aesthetics, resulting in a floor that not only has a quality floor lining but one that improves overall ergonomics in the working environment to lift the mood of employees and improve productivity.”

Yvette finds the flooring industry a very rewarding sector, especially when one is able to identify a customer’s needs at the outset. “The flooring industry encourages creativity and inspires me on a daily basis,” she adds. “There is a lot to learn technically, but one must never stop acquiring knowledge, and always ask questions. Set goals and work hard at achieving them, measuring progress to ensure that one is on the right track. It is vital to take responsibility and be accountable for one’s actions, so that results can be claimed as 100% yours.”

Yvette thrives on being able to play a significant role in advancing the Technical Finishes brand, both as a woman and as an individual dedicated to the flooring industry. “We have been very aggressive with our advertising and marketing, and through hard selling and our belief in the product, the brand has achieved new highs,” she says. “Women need to remember to add value for their client, while being effective, focused and planning on what they are going to say to said client because, in the end, one’s reputation creates a lasting legacy.”

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