Founded in 2013, Nutherm is owned by the WTF Group of Companies and the Hlola Trust, created with the initiative of empowering black females. This has shaped Nutherm’s core values, focusing on partnership, diversity, growth and trust. The company is a trusted provider of insulation solutions and caters for a wide range of industries. 

Experienced team 

Nutherm has collective experience of over 40 years within the roofing and insulation industry. These expertise, combined with the support of the Booyco Engineering Enterprise Development Programme, makes it a company with a strong foundation of skills and capabilities. 

Lyle Jeffery joined the Nutherm team as sales director in February 2024. With extensive experience in the roofing industry, he brings a fresh perspective in terms of the suite of products and services that Nutherm offers. 


Beyond expectations 

The company is focussed on delivering the highest quality materials and innovative designs for customers. Personalised service and industry-specific expertise deliver: 

  • Reduced operational costs through significant energy savings. 
  • Minimised environmental footprint, contributing to a sustainable future. 
  • A comfortable and healthy work environment for building occupants. 
  • Peace of mind, knowing that the facility is insulated to the highest standards. 

Jeffery explains: “We provide a comprehensive range of insulation materials. These include fibreglass, mineral wool, cellulose, natural fibres, polystyrene, polyisocyanurate, polyurethane and perlite as well as insulated panels.”  Jeffery continues, “Our thorough understanding of the roof and insulation envelope allows us to provide the utmost care and guidance to our customers, and providing fit for purpose solutions.”  


Insulation solutions 

Nutherm’s competencies include: 

  • Consulting and advice to professionals, ensuring energy efficiency in the built environment. 
  • Thermal performance, measurable by its R-value, to ensure an optimal solution. 
  • Enhance building envelope performance to extend the lifespan of the building structure. 
  • Sound control through acoustic insulation. 
  • Building code compliance through the accurate specification of insulation products. 

“We build genuine partnerships based on trust, transparency and a shared commitment to our customers’ success,” says Jeffery. “Anything related to thermal efficiencies – we’ve got you covered.” 


Nutherm offers more than the supply of insulation products. It delivers operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and comfort through customer partnerships. 


For more information, contact Nutherm: 

Cell: +27 71 688 2681 




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