A new solution for rooftop space optimisation

by Ofentse Sefolo
A new solution for rooftop space optimisation

A revolutionary new product has literally changed the flooring industry, and the benefits are now being expanded for use in optimising rooftop spaces.

InstaCradle is a unique, patented, rubber-crumb cradles and base packers which are innovatively manufactured using high-quality recycled tyre rubber. Together with cradle packers, timber battens overlaid with chipboard, plywood or hardwood, they form the prime component in creating high-performance acoustic and sports floors which can accommodate a variety of floor coverings.

Interestingly, InstaCradle can also be used on external balconies, roof terraces and spaces, where, thanks to the innovative design, it can be loosely laid onto the subfloor and either timber decking or concrete paving laid on top. If there is an existing undulation, it can easily be levelled to accommodate a new type of flooring or where a space such as a rooftop garden perhaps needs to be repurposed as an outside entertainment area.

Ease of installation
Guy Park, KBAC’s head of raised flooring, says: “The installation is quick and straightforward, and can even be used on existing waterproofing as the system’s rubber cradle will not affect the integrity of the substructure. The rubber-crumb cradles can be installed quickly and avoid the need for levelling screed with extensive drying times.”

InstaCradle facilitates the easy levelling of uneven subfloors by placing combinations of 2mm and 5mm cradle packers beneath the battens within the cradle legs. Using the cradle packers, it is possible to level to within 5mm of the top of the cradle leg, i.e. 35mm within a 40mm leg cradle and 20mm within a 25mm leg cradle. If additional levelling is required, this can be achieved with the use of base packers (10mm and/or 30mm).

Variety of applications
With open-air entertainment areas becoming more popular following Covid-19, large roof or outside spaces can now be easily adapted to create a new, safe and functional outside space without incurring unnecessary costs to level the subfloor.

“Widely used in refurbishment, conversions and new build projects, these versatile and environmentally friendly cradles are able to provide an extensive range of finished floor heights. They also provide accurate and rapid on-site levelling to eliminate any unevenness in the structural floor surface,” notes Park.

As part of a cradle-and-batten system, the system is designed as either a raised floor, accommodating underfloor services, or as a floor offering extremely high standards of acoustic or sports performance.

The type of InstaCradle to use (40mm leg, 25mm leg, 20mm base or 10mm base) will be dependent on the required finished floor height and the final application:
• Acoustic Cradles are best to be used in installations when a high acoustic performance is required.
• Acoustic Cradles are ideal for use in areas that are subject to high foot traffic or where the floor is exposed to abnormal loadings. In such cases, please contact KBAC’s Raised Flooring Department for advice.
• Sports Cradles are perfect for use in most sports floor applications or in areas where increased shock absorption performance from the system is required.

KBAC Flooring can supply complete systems with all the necessary components or, for those wishing to purchase the battens and chipboard or plywood locally, they will supply the cradles, together with cradle packers (2mm or 5mm) and base packers (10mm or 30mm).

Local sustainability
As one of the preferred and most experienced resellers and installers of InstaCradle, KBAC supports and encourages the local sourcing of used tyres. By removing and recycling the steel from the used truck tyres, the rubber is then crumbed and compressed into the various components used for the manufacturing of InstaCradles. This fully recyclable, genuine “cradle-to-cradle” product carries a 60-year warrantee, which also means that the product requires zero maintenance and can be reused, and in doing so also significantly reduces the number of tyres that end up in landfills.

Excellent acoustics
In addition to the ease of installation, InstaCradle also provides an excellent solution for reducing impact and airborne sound.

Thanks to InstaCradle’s use of recycled rubber-crumb granules, it provides a high-quality, long-lasting performance which is providing significant noise reduction and exceptional support to all floor coverings. This makes InstaCradle specifically useful in mixed-used developments, where the noise from an on-site gym or sport facility needs to be cushioned from residential spaces.

Park concludes: “The InstaFloor cradle-and-batten system is designed either as a raised floor, accommodating underfloor services, or as a floor offering extremely high standards of acoustic and sports performance. InstaCradle can be quickly and easily levelled on site with the use of cradle packers and base packers, as required.”

For more information and specific advice or support on installation, contact Guy Park from KBAC Flooring:
Tel: 27 11 608 4270
Cell: 27 82 563 0973
Email: guypark@kbacflooring.co.za
Website: www.kbacflooring.co.za

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