GreenSquared has created a modular roof system that is manufactured specifically for the local harsh climate.


South African company GreenSquared has launched the R3 roof planter, a modular roof system that can be pre-planted and pre-grown for an instant rooftop garden. Not only is the system manufactured specifically for the local harsh climate, but it was also designed to accommodate a pedestal system for 100% horizontal installations. The system is the result of a collaborative effort between horticulturists, architects, landscape architects, mechanical engineers and manufacturers.

Some of the engineering and design attributes of the roof planter include the fact that there are no visual grid patterns typical of modular installations.  The roof and waterproofing membrane are protected from UV and mechanical degradation.  Air-conditioning requirements are reduced as a planted roof reduces the temperature in single-storey buildings by as much as seven degrees on hot days.

Landscaping benefits
•    Instantly vegetated garden with well-rooted plants give immediate benefits.
•    Grown plants result in fewer weeds and lower maintenance costs.
•    Depth of soil can be adjusted according to plant selection.
•    Below-surface irrigation using a dripper system can be accommodated.
•    Continuous layer of soil after installation allow roots, nutrients and water to spread across modules.
•    Sufficient airflow under the planter prevents root growth through the drain holes.
•    Water reservoirs in planter floor retain water for longer periods between irrigation and rainfall.
•    The planter has excellent drainage and can be used as a drainage layer.

The R3 roof planter can contribute towards achieving Green Star SA points under a number of credits, namely Wat-03 (landscape irrigation), Mat-03 (making use of recycled materials), Ene-1 (greenhouse gas emissions), Eco-4 (change of ecological value) and Eco-5 (urban heat island).

Total installation packages including design, plant selection and specialised grow medium are available from GreenSquared.

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