A maintenance-free solution to outdated pigment mortar installation

by Ofentse Sefolo
A maintenance-free solution to outdated pigment mortar installation

New application methods for roof ridges and hiplines are often overlooked, as traditional methods are believed to be tried and tested. The lengthy and labour-intensive pigmented mortar, or the “pap-en-lap”, method used for fixing cracked mortar or leaking roofs, both of which often result in a ridge and hipline that are darker in shade than the rest of the roof. Surely a better alternative must be available?

Thanks to the inventive minds at the BMI Group, you now have access to a more durable and aesthetically pleasing ridge-and-hip solution called the BMI Coverland Dry Ridge System.

Willem Grové, marketing manager at BMI Coverland, explains: “The easy roll-and-clip mechanical installation of the ridge and hip tiles without the use of the traditional mortar application offers a leak-proof, maintenance-free solution for your roof, with a superior aesthetic finish.”

Ease of installation and durability
It is called the Dry Ridge System, given the dry application of BMI’s Figaroll® Plus ridge roll, which seals the ridge/hip line. This innovative system allows for optimum air circulation, due to the Figaroll® Plus’s double ventilation channel. The addition of adjusted holes offers ease of installation as well as optimum protection against heavy weather, thanks to its pliable aluminium side strips.

The complete BMI Dry Ridge System offers additional installation benefits:
• A pliable ridge tree, which aligns the ridge and hip battens.
• Ridge clips delivering quick and secure fixing of ridge tiles.
• Kro Clips, corrosion-resistant spring clips used for fixing tiles to valleys and hips.

BMI’s Figaroll® Plus ridge roll, which seals the ridge/hip line, allows for optimum air circulation.

Internationally certified and tested
The BMI Group’s ridge-and-hip solutions are produced and tested in Germany, delivering durability and quality. Although the original installation is marginally more expensive than traditional mortar fixing, customers can be assured that the BMI Coverland Dry Ridge System offers a lasting solution, which is maintenance free and looks the part.

Added advantages include:
• Saving on material and labour costs, given ease and speed of installation.
• Storm- and weatherproof, offering improved resistance to varying weather conditions.
• Double ventilation channels improve air circulation.
• Crack- and leak-proof.
• Maintenance free.
• Can be retrofitted.

Get in touch with BMI Coverland and they will assist you with your roofing requirements.

BMI Coverland
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