A magical concrete solution for stormwater

by Madelein
A magical concrete solution for stormwater

Hydromedia* from Lafarge South Africa is a unique permeable concrete that literally drains water like magic, typically 600 l/min/m². The technology was adapted for use in South Africa after having been originally designed to meet the northern hemisphere’s increasing interest in controlling flood risk, general surface water management and conservation of water resources.

Lafarge’s Darren Jacobs, Technical Global Brands Manager, says the company identified Hydromedia’s potential as a versatile and unique product for the residential and commercial landscaping industry.

“We recognised that homeowners and developers want to add value to their property with attractive driveways, pathways and pool surrounds but they also would like drier, safer, non-slip paving. In essence, they need an aesthetically appealing solution to flooding. And there is no better solution than Lafarge Hydromedia,” says Jacobs.

Stormwater is rapidly removed from horizontal surfaces with Hydromedia, reducing the risk of flash flooding or merely doing away with the annoyance of everyday puddles. The cured concrete has a robust wearing surface that outperforms standard permeable paving. Available in a range of colours, Hydromedia offers the combination of aesthetic appeal and durability in a cost-effective package, and is ideal for creating safer parking surfaces, walkways, driveways, tennis courts and swimming pool surrounds.

While allowing stormwater to rapidly disappear, Hydromedia returns the water to nature by putting it back into the ground instead of losing this precious resource down a municipal drain. The remarkable product is also only 70% the weight of standard concrete, making it ideal for roof water harvesting.

For more information, contact Darren Jacobs on: +27 (11) 657 1266 or email: Darren.jacobs@lafargeholcim.com.

*Hydromedia is a registered trademark

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