kitchen reborn

Indulge in a kitchen that elevates both style and function. 

Breathe new life into the kitchen and create a space that inspires creativity and invites lingering conversations. Union Tiles offers a range of options to style and rejuvenate kitchens in most major cities around South Africa and Namibia. Products range from modern marble-like finishes to classic subways and artisanal finishes. 

Marble alternative 

Union Tiles’ new Marble Flex sheets, also known as PVC marble sheets, are made of PVC or acrylic that is printed to give them a marble-like appearance. These PVC marble sheets are mainly used for interior decorating and are a cost-effective alternative to natural marble.  

Marble Flex mimics the look and feel of real marble but is also durable, lightweight and easy to install. It is commonly used to cover walls, ceilings, countertops, used as back splashes, furniture and other surfaces in residential and commercial environments. 

Classic subway 

kitchen reborn 

Subway tiles, the workhorses of classic kitchens, offer a clean and versatile canvas. Choose a crisp white for timeless appeal or explore bolder colours to create a statement backsplash.  

Lay them in a traditional stacked pattern, play with a herringbone design for a touch of dynamism or go for unexpected angles for a modern twist as seen in the example illustration. 


Available in a variety of sizes and colours, tear-drop tiles and mosaics can add a touch of personality and visual interest, whether across an entire wall or used as a focal point. 

Artisanal tiles add a layer of personality and handcrafted charm. An antiqued finish accentuates the natural beauty of the stone and the handcrafted tiles. 

kitchen reborn

Stone and quartz 

The pièce de resistance is undoubtedly Union Tiles’ Natural Stone and Venice Stone Quartz surfaces. With enduring strength and a vast array of colours, these offer a timeless choice, enticing mood and elegance. 

 Consider the overall aesthetic desired and choose a stone that complements the countertop selections. 

With these elements in place, a kitchen is transformed from a purely functional space to the heart of the home. The timeless appeal of subway tiles provides a foundation, while artisanal details inject warmth and personality. 

Finally, the natural stone or quartz countertop serves as the crowning jewel, a durable surface that invites the creation of culinary masterpieces. This is the kitchen reborn – a space that reflects personal taste and inspires endless culinary adventures. 


Kitchen renovations made simple with a range of stylish options for walls and countertops from Union Tiles.  


For more information, contact Union Tiles: 

Tel: +27 011 663 2000  



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