Over the years, the bathroom and the wellness area have taken considerable relevance in all homes. They are in harmony with the surrounding interiors, with a well-defined personality.

The undisputed protagonists of these rooms are the coverings, declined through a variety of solutions; they are the basis on which to build the style and character of the space.

The surfaces are in perfect combination with the furnishing and accessories such as washbasins, bathtubs and reflects the chosen style and personal taste without excluding functionality.

SICIS, having besides the range of surfaces also accessories of extraordinary craft, has decided to create several projects following the leading current trends, from colour to materials, ideas and suggestions for special bathroom. Suggestions that give charm to the wellness room.

SICIS mosaic represents a unique tile with a strong aesthetic impact, radically different from the traditional mosaic, not only for the result obtained thanks to the geometry, the various tesserae shapes, and the incredible decorative variations but also for the technical quality that is crucial in this case. Mosaic is a safe choice, an ever-present value that does not go out of fashion, which has evolved, leading to countless captivating transformations, which enhance the beauty of every wall and surface.

In addition to the mosaic, there have been created bathrooms using Vetrite, slabs of glass, and Vetrite tile, a product capable of bringing originality with completely unexpected new proposals. Even in this case, the technical characteristics are unquestionably exceptional. It is, in fact, an antibacterial and self-cleaning product.

As for the bathroom fixtures, even in the most minimalist bathrooms, it makes room for the colour trend, tones such as moss green or blue or ruby red. The washbasin becomes an element in itself, a component of refined design, like the Dho washbasin.

Bathtubs, a symbol of relaxation and intimacy, are a small luxury to be indulged in at the end of the day, giving incomparable pleasure. Those of SICIS, which the designers have reinterpreted, are authentic sculptures, and at the same time, guarantee the levels of simplicity, purity and elegance of contemporary taste. It thus becomes a functional and decorative accessory, an iconic piece that gives preciousness to the whole.

For any further information or requests, contact SICIS:
Tel: +39 0544469711
Email: cont@sicis.com or marketing@sicis.com
Website: www.sicis.com

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