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A face-brick project to be proud of


The Rosema family has been in the clay-brick industry since 1942 and the face-brick plant in Olifantsfontein has been in operation since 1986. The company recently upgraded the Rosema Bricks plant with the latest and most advanced technology.  

Colourful face bricks 

 Rosema Bricks is proud to have the finest quality face bricks available in modern colours and textures. These bricks can be used in different building techniques and guarantees products with peerless durability and quality, backed by excellent customer service.  

Uniquely designed face-brick project at Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool 

 A variety of face-bricks from their red face-brick range were used. 

 The idea was to match the old face-brick buildings surrounding the new building. The outcome of the architect’s design was a great success. 

 The new brick, Red Antique Satin FBS, is now available to the building industry. 

Top tip:

By using different designs, colours can be showcased.

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