A durable roofing solution guaranteed for 30 years

by Ofentse Sefolo
A durable roofing solution guaranteed for 30 years

Now more than ever, we have once again been reminded about the importance of our homes. It is our shelter, our safe space, our go-to, relax-and-feel-secure space.

At BMI Coverland, the focus is on building communities by providing shelter, protection and peace of mind using their innovative roofing and waterproofing solutions, designed to transform the way people live and work.

Many things can change in 30 years, but one’s roof doesn’t have to. With a track record of more than 70 years and the backing of the BMI Technical Centre, they proudly offer a 30-year functional concrete guarantee.

But why does it make sense to select concrete tiles for one’s roof?
The answer is simple: Concrete tiles are strong, durable, have lasting colour and good soundproofing properties, as well as being cost effective with quality, guaranteed. BMI wants to challenge consumers to ask for a comparative quote from a roofing specialist, and says customers may be pleasantly surprised about the competitive costing.

From their modern-looking Elite and Perspective tiles to their pre-coated Flair range, BMI has a profile and colour option that will suit both one’s style and budget.

Quick and easy installation
BMI’s dry-ridge system features a ventilating ridge system involves a sealing compound that is simply rolled and stuck over a ridge baton and onto the tiles at the ridge line. The ridge tiles are then secured to this baton. The result is a clean-looking ridge line which protects against leaks, wind and dust, providing long-term benefits. It also eliminates unsightly waterproofed ridge and hip lines that are a different colour than the roof.

For more information on these and other roofing solutions, visit BMI’s website at www.bmigroup.com/za or ask your roofing contractor for a BMI Coverland roof-tile quote.

Because it is never just a roof!

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