A creative alternative to whiteboards

by Tania Wannenburg
A creative alternative

Dry, erasable surface paint can transform any flat, smooth wall into a writing surface.
“I love it that I can stand at my wall for hours and brainstorm and never run out of space,” says developer Robert Ponton, after opting for MOXIwall’s dry, erasable surface paint.

With a choice of either white or clear paint, virtually any flat, smooth surface can be transformed into an erasable canvas. “It is a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to traditional whiteboards,” says Shane Branscombe, sales manager at MOXIwall.

According to Branscombe, MOXIwall was founded on the premise of creating endless space to fully explore ideas, project plans, lists, thoughts, calculations, algorithms, targets, leads, logistics, growth plans, marketing strategies, schedules or even just a place for kids to draw.

He points out that MOXIwall Clear Whiteboard Paint is a favourite since it can be applied without interfering with the interior design. “It gives you the ability to really get creative with your erasable surface. Whether you apply it over your logo on your wall or a multi-coloured wall, the possibilities are endless,” he states.

On the other hand, MOXIwall White Whiteboard Paint is great for achieving the traditional, clean whiteboard look, whether it is applied on just a section of the wall or the entire surface.

“We were looking for a product like this for a long time and love it that MOXIwall finally gave us the creative space we needed in our office,” comments David Clark from Absa.

MOXIwall whiteboard paint is distributed throughout South Africa.
Email: info@moxiwall.co.za
Website: www.moxiwall.co.za

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