A contemporary interpretation of the concept of luxury

by Ofentse Sefolo
A contemporary interpretation of the concept of luxury

Dorothy Van’t Riet Design and Décor Consultants, based in Johannesburg, was commissioned to do a project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for an International Client for whom they had done two large projects in the past.

The new development of Damansara City is in the prestigious neighbourhood of Damansara Heights in Kuala Lumpur, which is the highest average income catchment in Malaysia. The concept of this development is to create a vibrant enclave, integrating living, work and play and is made up of four components: two office tower blocks (33 storeys + 19 storeys); two residential tower blocks (30 storeys each), a five-star hotel tower block, and retail, including semi-open outdoor spaces and al fresco dining.

The people who will live there will enjoy the advantage and convenience of an integrated living environment. The brief from the client was to create a show gallery within an existing building. This had to include a high-end show unit as well as a marketing and sales area.

“We were briefed to create a show gallery with the focal point on the exterior, using the full glass frontage and an impressive entrance, thus aligning with the image of the Damasara City development. We had to integrate the exact footprint of the show unit within the existing building,” says Dorothy.

Dorothy and her team had to display the required areas using a sophisticated, elegant, contemporary look, which led them to choose sharp clean lines that were warm as well as welcoming. The space in the showroom also had to include the entrance, a sales and marketing area (including a discussion area, AV lounge, bar and entertainment area, model display, graphic displays and web interface area), the show unit as well as office space.

“The target market for the development is a consumer who is keenly aware of his/her choices and experiences, naturally skilled in passionately living to a global rhythm, with a balanced blend of creativity and flexibility. We used a contemporary interpretation of the concept of luxury, seen as an accessible value. This target client has a sophisticated lifestyle and expensive taste, is well educated, well-travelled and very brand conscious – a consumer well versed in the latest technology and trends, and who is globally aware,” says Dorothy.

The contemporary interior design style that DVR used for this project incorporated the strong design elements of lines and shapes, particularly horizontal lines. These horizontal lines were used in the floor covering, the walnut signage back panelling and the strong lines of the reception counter.

“I like using horizontal lines as they bring a sense of unity, harmony, simplicity and beauty into a design scheme. Horizontal lines also guide the eye throughout the room,” adds Dorothy.

In the floor covering, DVR used thin, long black granite strips set into large white marble slabs. These thin, long black granite lines were re-emphasised with long black slots in the ceiling directly above the lines on the floor.

The overall effect of repeating these horizontal lines in floor coverings as well as ceiling details is strong and powerful. This floor finish served as a good canvas for the clean-line furniture pieces, the reception counter and the walnut cladding. DVR continued this same flooring concept into the discussion lounge to unite the spaces.

Other shapes and forms were brought in such as round black pendants over the champagne bar, vertical black outlines of the columns and various stylised furniture pieces.

“Lighting also played a significant role in this scheme, both in accenting the horizontal lines on the walnut panelling and the reception counter. The overall effect was a huge success and the show unit was used by the client to successfully launch their new development,” concludes Dorothy.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.dvr.co.za for some of the information contained in this article.

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