A comprehensive list of tools and equipment for vinyl flooring installations

by Ofentse Sefolo
A comprehensive list of tools and equipment for vinyl flooring installations

With more than 50 years’ experience in the local and international flooring industry, Denver Coleman, Chairman of Polyflor SA, answers questions posed by installers, architects and readers on their flooring challenges. In this issue, he discusses tools that any committed flooring installer needs and wants to have in his tool box.

“I’m finding more and more contractors on site that are struggling to get the right result and I think this may partly be due to not having the right tools on hand. Can you provide a comprehensive list of the tools and equipment that you would recommend for vinyl flooring installations?” – Rhonda Stuart, Germiston.

For a vinyl flooring installation to be successful, flooring contractors need the right tools and equipment at their disposal. Flooring contractors often find it difficult to afford the correct tools or to replace broken tools, but investing in the tools you need can make a huge difference to the final installation.

At the most basic level, an installer should have a tape measure and carpenter’s pencils, a rollable steel straight edge, chalk line, a good-quality Stanley-type knife with both straight and hook blades, an adhesive trowel with replacement blades, a maxitrowel for screeding, a hand roller and heavy 68kg roller as well as a broom and good-quality vacuum cleaner (wet and dry can be useful).

A sought-after installer that consistently does good work has specialist tools at his disposal. Not only do you need the right equipment to test moisture levels in screeds, but critical tasks such as trimming factory edges off the product, grooving, welding etc. demand the right tools.

To ensure proficiency and a quality professional installation, we have compiled a basket of tools that we recommend:

Moisture testing tools
QAS 529 Flooring moisture indicator
Protimeter (Mini 2000 moisture meter)
Wagner meter

Floor grinding machines and vacuums
Blastrac BDC-122 twin motor vacuum
Blastrac BMG-435 triple head floor grinder
DPC DP-300E single head floor grinder

Rip-up tools and scrapers
ST72108 12’’ scraper

Cleaning tools
Heavy duty vacuum cleaner

Testing the levelness of the screed
KU/Q meter
3m straight edge

Self-levelling screed application
Measuring bucket
Self-leveller mixing drums
Electrical mixing drill whisk
ST860/600 Maxi trowel
Pin Roller
Spike shoes

Measuring and cutting
Tape measures & chalk line
214B/L 2m roll up straight edge
Utility knife with straight and hook blades

Cut factory edge off
Provinol factory edge cutter or the Lino edge trimmer
Pajarito joints scriber and pins
Steel hand roller
Utility knife with hook and straight blades

Adhesive application trowels and spreaders
Fine notched trowel blade (as per manufacturer’s recommendations)
ST 28cm adhesive trowel handle
ST 28cm A1 spreader blades
Mohair roller
ST72030 sponge rubber knee pads with Velcro strap
68kg roller

PW2050 electrical groover
ST11010 P type groover
Groover blades
Alternatively, a Pico or Linea groove

5mm reducer nozzle (PUR nozzle)
Leister welding gun
Leister 5mm speed nozzle
Leister automatic welder

Trimming the weld
Mozart speed trimmer
Mozart weld trimming knife
Hand roller

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