A cleaning machine for tight spaces

by Ofentse Sefolo
A cleaning machine for tight spaces

When your client needs a powerful cleaning machine that gets in and out of places that other machines simply won’t go, the TwinTec Vario provides the ideal solution.

This is a comfortable, driver friendly 120 litre front wheel drive machine with a fantastic turning radius. The “three in one” design has proved itself to be almost the perfect balance between sound common sense engineering and innovative and truly functional technology.

The TwinTec Vario can be set to three different working widths: 650, 750 and 850 using the simple selection lever. Making these adjustments doesn’t even require tools. In as little as 30 seconds, you can change the machine to suit your specific project.

The patented technology consists of the Vario 3 in 1 Brush System Simple adjustment mechanism, which provides a choice of scrubbing widths suitable for almost any surface. Some of the features and benefits that it offers include:
• Easy dosing pre-sets that correct the chemical dosing for every task
• Complete cleaning control as the operator has full control of cleaning speed, brush speed, water flow and chemical dosing
• Simple operator control soft touch dashboard control system
• Easy access to batteries and fuses for service purposes and brush change is simple with the swing out brush cover
• On-board charger – simple and convenient, just plug and go. Fully sealed low maintenance Gel batteries
• Small turning radius which means great cleaning even in tight spaces
• Safety features include emergency stop button, power off removable key, horn button, hazard warning light and built in reversing alarm to name but a few of the many features available
• Easy maintenance thanks to quick access to batteries and fuses

For more information, contact Numatic on +27 (86) 168 6284 or via www.numatic.co.za.

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