Cement-based wall finishes add aesthetic value to any space.


From smooth off-shutter, seamless coatings and textured bag washes to applications over raw brick, previously painted or newly plastered surfaces, Cemcrete manufactures various wall finishes for homes, offices and retail spaces.

Cemcrete’s wall finishes produce beautiful aesthetics that are adaptable to design requirements, with the added sustainability benefit of cement. Although most of these finishes can be used in more than one space, Cemcrete zones in on what product best suits which space.

SatinCrete is the go-to application for bathroom finishes and can be used in and around showers, baths and vanities. This skim-on finish produces a 2mm seamless coating that has a suede-like finish. SatinCrete is waterproof, with the addition of SiliconSeal, and is easily wiped down for maintenance. This attractive coating with subtle mottling is available in several colours.

Exterior walls
Roughly textured and easily applied, CemWash is ideal for exterior walls. It is both waterproof and ultraviolet (UV) stable, providing a product that is timeless and sustainable. Thanks to its extreme durability, the textured brush-on coating wears well over time, creating a natural mottling. It is also available in a range of stunning colours to suit striking designs. CemWash can be applied directly on top of raw brick to create a bag-wash effect, or over plastered surfaces to add a textured coloured finish.

Smooth feature walls
A skim-on finish that is applied directly on top of existing plaster or previously painted surfaces, CemPlaster leaves a smooth finish with subtle mottling. This 3mm application allows for lines to be cut into its surface to create an off-shutter concrete look. It is also suitable for bathrooms and vanities dues to its waterproof nature.

Fireplaces and creative walls
DecoCrete is a skim-on coating that is extremely textured. Designed to be applied to excessive thickness, DecoCrete can be carved into walls to create unique designs. This hardy coating can also coat both interior and exterior fireplace surrounds.

The fact that all these wall finishes are cement-based means that they are also sustainable and durable. Cement-based finishes all have a unique quality in their aesthetic; such can be seen in the subtle mottling and inconsistent surface colour. Surface preparation is vital for all the products, and the use of a trained contractor is recommended.

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