A bold new look for paint group

by Ofentse Sefolo
A bold new look for paint group

The team at Plascon have taken bold steps forward to re-invent the company with rejuvenated products, exciting initiatives, and a bold new look, to top things off. The concept behind Plascon’s new logo is a vision of the future. This idea of a forward-looking vision is intertwined with the golden thread of re-invention that runs through Plascon. The group has been transforming assets to legacies for over 130 years, developing innovative products such as washable, stain resistant, and weather resistant paints. In line with their theme of a forward-looking vision a new offering of innovative and eco-friendly products that offer incredible new technologies with advantages for personal wellness and the planet will be also be available.

Plascon strives to make a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives through this reinvention. The future of Plascon is here and it couldn’t look brighter.

Tel: 0860 20 40 60
Email: Plascon Advisory Service: advice@plascon.co.za
Media Enquiries: media@kansaiplascon.co.za
Website: www.plascon.com

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