Bathroom designs for modern homes – the latest trends from Decorex SA and Italian bathroom company, Samo.

From basins to baths, and the space all around, here are the latest trends for bathroom designs in modern living spaces from Decorex SA and Italian bathroom company, Samo.

#1 A master suite
Spacious, open bathrooms that combine the bathroom and bedroom.

#2 Naturally calm
Drawing inspiration from nature to create a sense of calm serenity.

#3 Grey goodness
Incorporate cool charcoal, granite and silver into a contemporary scheme or pair blue-grey with natural wood and white fixtures.

#4 Colour confidence
Spice up a monochromatic base colour with the creative use of striking bright colours. When picking a colour, use it at least three times in a room.

#5 Play with materials
The explosion of colours also makes room for the use of materials such as steel and aluminium, marble and three-dimensional surfaces.

#6 Recycle and reuse
A rustic stepladder can make a charming substitute for wall-mounted towel rails.

#7 In-sync sinks
Consider both the material’s durability and maintenance requirements, together with the influence of its shape and storage functionality on the design.

#8 Pair curves with curves
Smooth, organic lines, circles, ovals and rounded edges, from bathtubs, sinks, mirrors and even furnishings.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to Samo and Decorex SA for the information given to write this article.

Featured photo: Designs by Interior Motives and Living Divani Interior