60 year lifespan for aluminium-zinc coated roofing

by Darren
60 year for Aluminium

Research has confirmed that 55% aluminium-zinc coated steel roofs can last longer than 60 years.

Research shows that aluminium-zinc (AL-Zn) coated roof systems can last 60 years and more

Recent research conducted by the Metal Construction Association (MCA) of North America confirms that 55%  Al-Zn coated steel, standing seam metal roof systems can last at least 60 years. This means that they do not require replacement during a commercial building’s service life.

This particular AL-Zn coating technology is licensed by BIEC International, and is sold under various brand names globally. In South Africa, the technology is licensed to the Safal Group for Safal Steel to make ZINCAL® locally. It is also licensed to BlueScope to make ZINCALUME®.

With over 20 million square metres sold to date, this is the most widely used coating technology in the world.

The MCA research was conducted in a variety of inland states in the USA, and incorporated multiple field inspections as well as laboratory analyses of metallic corrosion of the roof panels, components and sealants. Importantly, it also included assessment of all integral ancillary components that impact the end of a roof’s service life.

The research study concluded that the expected service life of 55% Al-Zn coated steel, standing seam roofs constructed today in a wide range of environments, using best practices, can be expected to be in excess of 60 years, well beyond the service life of most buildings.

To download the full report from the Safintra Group website, go to www.safintra.co.za/roofing-documentsl.html.

The Safal Group is the sole pan-African licensee to BIEC International of the 55% aluminium-zinc coating technology used for ZINCAL®, which is sold throughout Southern and Eastern Africa. When it is factory pre-painted, it is sold as COLORPLUS®.

Behind the research findings
Deciding factors for projected service life were predominantly local climate and the acidity of local precipitation.

The study acknowledges that all roof systems require a regular maintenance programme (at least annually) to clean off debris and to inspect the condition of the roof conduct minor remedial repairs

The study also confirmed that these types of metal roofs resist corrosion even in weak spots, such as sheared edges and profile bends.

While low-slope steel standing seam roof systems were projected to last up to 60 years, ancillary components (such as fasteners) may need to be replaced during the roof life, but this represents significantly less than 20% of the total roof replacement cost, and therefore constitutes standard maintenance rather than replacement.

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