6 top picks from Revestir 2018

by Madelein
6 top picks from Revestir 2018

FLOORS in Africa magazine once again attended EXPO Revestir. We were blown away by the quality of exhibition spaces, the new products and the keynote presentations. From super light, stronger pieces to zero waste tiles, interesting mosaics and a variety of material lookalike products, there was something for every designer and specifier. These are our top picks from the event:

Combining contemporary design with antique terracotta
The Cotto Entrusco tiles are a unique, handmade product that combine antique terracotta with contemporary design. Natural clays are hand pressed and the production process is ecological and sustainable.

Wood look exterior flooring
The textures of the Madeyra Vecchia line reproduce the veins of raw and aged wood. These beautiful tiles are ideal for exterior spaces where rusticity and modernity want to be combined.

Exterior flooring that stays cool
Pacific’s range of exterior tiles have the ability to stay cool instead of absorb heat, making it ideal for the hot South African climate.

Marble, high gloss lookalikes
Elizabeth’s stunning range of porcelain tiles were a show-stopper. The tiles have a marble, high gloss look and can make any space look sophisticated and elegant.

Carpet tiles made from PVC
Kapozi showcased a carpet tile that looks as if it is manufactured from fabric, but it is made from PVC.

Large format tiles
The trend of large format tiles continued at Revestir Expo 2018. Level Acabamentos has a number of impressive large format tiles at their stand. The 3m x 1.5m tiles were available in both porcelain and marble looks.

Revestir Overview

Over 62 000 people attended the 16th annual EXPO Revestir which took place from 13 – 16 March. President of the fair and superintendent of ANFACER, Antonio Carlos Kieling, said the event was a huge success and he was very pleased with everything the expo had to offer.

“The event exceeded all expectations in terms of visitation, quality of the booths and exhibition of products, in addition to the contents that were developed during the four days of event. I would like to highlight the set of actions taken to manage the public by segmentation of the event days into two moments: Business Days and Creative Days, which fully met the expectations of the strategic plan established,” said Antonio.

Over 3500 professionals attended the International Forum of Architecture and Construction lectures. Renowned architects and thought leaders in contemporary architecture, including Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Toyo Ito, spoke at the event.

“Construction cannot be simply mass production to sell. The idea must always be to build to solve problems of space and not just to think of the profit that it will bring,” said Paulo.

Toyo presented his projects by detailing the most symbolic creations.

“Tokyo is going through a very intense urban renewal in preparation for the Olympics in 2020. The neighbourhoods are being destroyed through verticalisation, which results in architecture without personality,” he revealed. “Statistics show that the population will decline over the years, so actions like this do not make sense. We need long-term planning.”

Interior Designer Day took place on 15 March. One of the highlights was a presentation by Ralph Nauta and Lonnek Gordijn of Studio Drift in the Netherlands. Ralph and Lonnek showed the creative process behind an impressive flying sculpture in Miami that they designed for BMW. The purpose was to imitate a flock of birds and they achieved this goal by using three hundred illuminated drones.

“We like to work with nature intertwined with technology and science fiction, and we are always looking for these novelties and connections to nature and its beauties,” said Ralph.

Full thanks and acknowledgement is given to www.exporevestir.com for some of the information contained in this article.

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