6 scenarios that require carpet trims

by Ofentse Sefolo
6 scenarios that require carpet trims

If you have specified stretch carpet, it may need to be finished with carpet trims. Here are six scenarios where carpet trims will need to be specified:
1. When a carpet meets a tile or laminate floor, a “straight grip” trim should be installed.
2. A “round grip” trim should be used when the carpet transitions from a doorway to a room.
3. When a transition is from a carpet to a different type of flooring such as screed, vinyl or wood, a “transition grip” is used.
4. When there is a transition between different carpet types, carpet colours, carpet patterns, etc., a “double grip” should be installed.
5. A “wood grip” should be specified when there is a transition between laminate and carpet.
6. Brass stair rods can be used on stair cases.

None of the abovementioned finishes require screws and they will leave a neat finish. Kirk offers these trims in a range of anodised colours to match various carpet hues and tones. The anodised colours include natural anodised, matt bronze and carpet bronze. Other anodised colours are available on request.

Kirk has a comprehensive range of screw fix covers that are used in the carpet industry to protect the edge of the flooring in thresholds and as transitions between different flooring types.

Kirk also supplies a 5 ply carpet gripper which is used to fit stretch carpet. The carpet gripper has one side cut back at 60 degree angle – this side faces the wall. The carpet is then tucked under this side. The other 90 degree side butts against the underlay.

For more information, contact Kirk on +27 (11) 444 1441 or via www.kirk.co.za.

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