6 new trends for Ceramic Tiles in 2021

by Ofentse Sefolo
6 new trends for Ceramic Tiles in 2021

Decorative ceramic tile is not only a durable and practical material, it can also transform any room. When used on floors, the statement can be as bold or functional as needed.

After considering various sources, there seems to be consensus on six key areas where ceramic tile will increase in popularity in 2021.
• A trend towards naturalness of colours, reflective from various elements in nature, such as beach sand, wood grain and luminance of the night sky.
• Stone and marble will remain in style, with large-format tiles becoming increasingly popular in high-end residential developments.
• Geometric patterns are becoming bolder, with use in multiple applications.
• White will still be popular in 2021, with especially bathroom and kitchen treatments returning to the appeal of an all-white palette.
• Ceramic tiles used as accessories or focal points with the hexagon patterns are predicted to become bolder and much more sophisticated.
• Large-format ceramic tiles, which are continuously being developed in terms of colour, surface and style options, are set to be bigger and more widely used in 2021.

1. Taking inspiration from nature
A trend towards subtle luxury has become reflective in the many colours, textures and entire ranges inspired by nature. Ceramic tiles that imitate the appearance of wood planks, soft curves of beach sand and the mixing of various textures and colours to create a natural palette are seen in each of the following examples.

In these examples, the floors create a seamless integration by using ceramic tiles in various natural elements.

The ceramic tiles in this clothing store imitate a warm wood plank, giving a feeling of natural sophistication and style to this space.

By mixing ceramic tiles in two different wood designs, the floor of this modern home will continue to look flawless, thanks to the durability of the ceramic tile used.

2. Stone and marble effect porcelain tiles

Until a few years ago, stone-effect tiles were clearly artificial, but today, with the continuous advances in technology, they are practically indistinguishable from natural quarry materials.

Typical veins, grainy and irregular textures, natural nuances of stone combine with the resistance of porcelain stoneware in a collection of versatile and elegant floor and wall tiles, suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors, in domestic and commercial contexts.

Today’s stone-effect tiles are available in a range of colours and models. Unlike real stone, stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles require no special maintenance and are easily cleaned using natural products, which is why they continue to be so popular.

3. Volume and geometric patterns
The use of ceramic tiles with a distinguishable geometric pattern or ornamental design has increased in popularity and remains a fashionable choice today. It lends additional volume, simulates three-dimensional space and adds dynamics, which make for an interesting and modern interior that is especially popular with younger audiences.

Even when simplified, the addition of a simple mosaic or ceramic installations in a fish scale or honeycomb design make a striking visual impact. The use of graceful lines and geometry is sophisticated and will remain on trend for some time.

4. White is still on trend
Nothing looks as flawless as an all-white kitchen or a bathroom. White tiles are a clean, fresh choice for flooring in any room, from matt white and reflective polished tiles to ones with a textured finish. White can be used in any of the styles, patterns or shapes mentioned in each of these trends. Think white subway tiles, white stone or marble and white hexagon.

White helps to open spaces and by no means equates to being boring.

5. Hexagon is increasingly popular
Ceramic tiles are available in angular or geometric shapes. They can be triangular, curved or irregular in design to create various hexagonal patterns. Larger surfaces can handle a more generous pattern and size of hexagon. In smaller spaces, focal points can be created with ease using any of the new hexagon tiles available in various colours and designs.


6. Large format tiles make a statement
Tile in extra-large sizes is one of the most important trends of the ceramics sector in recent years. Extra-large slabs change the perception of a tiled floor both in terms of decorative impact and a drastic reduction of optical interruption through the absence of visible joints.

Previously reserved for industrial premises or public places, large-format tiles have become one of the most noteworthy changes in the tiling market.

No longer reserved for industrial premises, various top flooring suppliers are now offering the large-format tile in complete ranges because of its impact and durability. High-end residential developments use these tiles to create dramatic and minimalist interiors mirrored in the flooring.

Manufacturers have introduced original collections that are dedicated to large-format ceramic tiles, offering a myriad of options in colour, textures and styles.

Options galore
When it comes to selecting ceramic tiles best suited to a space, there are no hard and fast rules. Select the best quality according to the budget and to be inspired by the many new ways ceramic tiles are being used to create flooring splendour.

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