6 golden rules of paving installations

by Ofentse Sefolo
6 golden rules of paving installations

Paving installations can be expensive, which is why it’s important for project managers and designers to have a clear vision of what will be needed for a successful installation. The three main objectives of an installation are as follows:
• It needs to provide a solid surface to walk or drive on
• It needs to be functional for a lifetime
• It should be aesthetically pleasing and add value to a property

In order to achieve these objectives, an installation needs to meet the following six golden rules of paving:
1. Paving needs maintenance
2. Paving should not sag when trafficked
3. Paving should not creep sideways
4. Water should drain or run off the paving
5. The paving installation should be smooth and even with no high or low pavers
6. Paving blocks alone shouldn’t carry loads. Weight should be distributed to layers beneath the paving blocks

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